(No. That is not a joke. It really happened.)


Today March, 23, 2018, just before his vacation, Donald Trump signed into law the $1.3 trillion government-wide spending bill released late Wednesday by Congress. The bill, among other items, rejects proposals to slash the budgets of Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

(Hang on. There is a joke here. Let’s ask Scotty if he sees it. Scotty?)


To Wit:

(Voice Over)

–Now. Breaking News, live from CAN, the Climatebull Action Network

Our reporter, Stephen Schneider, explains–

(Cut to reporter)

“Climatebull scientists are today releasing the most detailed simulation of our warming climate ever created. Called an irrefutable model that leaves no doubt as to our future, legislators worldwide have tuned in to see the results due out in a few minutes. Here to explain this wonder of science, computation, and communication is the lead scientist on the project, Dr. Hephaestus Rex.”

Feb 142018

 Ring, Ring

“Hi, Lester. This is Bess Valentine. Your lobbyist in Washington…It looks like we may have an opportunity to turn this buggy whip thing around.”

“Oh yes, Bess Valentine. I remember you. How are you? Turn what around?”

“We want to bring the buggy whip industry back into the American mainstream.”

“Is this a joke?”

 “The current leadership is claiming renewables are the death of coal and that coal should be preserved.”


Got your cheeseburger? Okay here we go! This is going to be so much fun for you!

The picture comes from the people who host The World Economic Forum, as in Davos, Switzerland. Very Nordic, very nice people…

There are only a few big words. If you get confused, maybe Mikey can help you with them–or maybe not. (In case Scotty gets bored and starts to cry–someone get him a binky.)

Oct 272017

Perhaps it is time to learn from our future; after all, it is through the future that we finally understand the present.

Aug 282017


…Rex-Hunny, Harvey just will not leave us alone! He’s made a mess of the neighborhood with his partying. He’s closed down the bars and restaurants with his shenanigans. The maid can’t get here and the chauffeur is missing. The mess from Harvey’s partying is filling the streets with detritus, and some say it is going to take years to fix the roadways and buildings because of Harvey’s partying. Rex-Hunny, Harvey is a monumental disaster. Can’t you and your friends make him disappear? Throw some cold water on him or something!


From The News

…President Trump said that he is seriously interested in putting solar panels on the wall.  “There is a chance that we can do a solar wall,” he said. “We have major companies looking at that. Look, there’s no better place for solar than the Mexico border — the southern border…”

Estimations of how much energy a solar border wall would actually produce vary, depending on the size of the array and the wall itself. But some companies are already imagining what it would look like…



 “Our National Argument With Cain”

(February 20, 2011)

The defining issue of our generation will be our culture’s response to human forcing of the planet’s radiative balance. So far, our clumsy response to the crisis is not the fault of science, technology, or a lack of riches. Our pitiful response is the result of a societal rot fostered by a leadership that now believes Cain was correct. To achieve an effective response, we must refocus our resources in ways that support the ideals that founded this nation.

Apr 232017

Earth Day Remembered

Malfeasance Day                                             

From Exxonopedia, the corporate encyclopedia–

Malfeasance Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Various events are held during the worldwide event demonstrating support for the evisceration of science, the destruction of the scientific method, and the elimination of critical thinking. First celebrated in 2017, Malfeasance Day is now coordinated globally by SuperPACs.

Mar 112017

How To Dissect The Latest Twist: “Has The USA Lost Its Moral Authority?”


(dan, perhaps if  you put this part first it would read better –editor)

Oops, oh that’s right. There This is the current drama: Our nation’s loss of moral authority.  Let’s cut through this one. We wouldn’t want to miss a single Tweet. Insofar as Global Warming (anthropogenic forcing of the radiative balance), the United States of America is declaring war on the rest of the world by not supporting appropriate national controls on GHGs.  Or did you miss that one?


…Bifurcation is a quantitive change in an attractor’s structure as a control parameter is smoothly varied…

Or to put it another way…

Anthropogenic forcing (a quantitive change in a control parameter) of (our) the radiative balance (structure) will foster the tipping point (bifurcation) in our climate (an attractor).

Or to put it another way…


Industry Declares: “Hand Wringing As The Most Dangerous Part of Global Warming!”


Dec 132016

Misunderstanding Begins At The Top

Let’s look at an example of misunderstanding beginning at the top, ah, err, umm, how about the new Cabinet appointments? I’ve got it. Let’s use the ones tied into climate – Rick Perry, the Energy Secretary, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State,  and Scott Pruitt as the Administrator of EPA. There are other players in the circus of climate change, but for the moment, let’s just focus on the current shock and awe campaign.



By 2014, it was common knowledge that if our society was to have a 50% chance of staying below the two-degree Celsius threshold, atmospheric concentration of the heat-trapping substances (GHGs) must stabilize at 450 ppm (parts per million) of CO2e  (the CO2-equivalent, not just CO2). This week, it was reported, the CO2-equivalent of greenhouse gases (GHGs) is now well over 470 ppm of CO2e. This means humanity’s-explorers-of-the-truly-immoral knew over two years ago that the advertised two-degree Celsius limit was unattainable, is unattainable anytime in the near future, and has been unachievable for longer than that.


Venice of the West

(October 6, 2026)

Overview -

(KNS)  The Supreme Court will hear opening arguments on the case commonly known as ‘Venice of the West.’ A bitter battle involving Miami, San Francisco, New York, and Venice, California, the case centering on who gets to call themselves the ‘Venice of the West.’ At stake are billions of dollars in tourist industry revenue. The ‘Venice of the West’ case is the first case to be heard by the Supreme Court in more than two years. The addition of Justice Kardasian to the court in August, bringing the number of justices to seven clearing the way for the ‘Venice of the West’ case to be heard.

Oct 052016

Consider the image. It is a suggested path of Hurricane Mathew – one that is becoming more likely every hour.


The image suggests Hurricane Mathew will strike Florida and then loop around for a second tour of the Eastern US within a few days.




“You must be Ms. Click-Bait.  I am here to see Mr. Zeus.”

“And you are?”

“Gaia, I have an appointment.”

“Mr. Zeus is very busy. I am not sure he will have time to see you.”

“It was arranged by Nomos and Themis, Attorneys at Law.”

“I see. Please take a seat Ms. Goya.”

“That’s Gaia.”

“Yes–of course.”


“You may go in now.”


Gaian Climate Systems

Application for Deferred Status or Exemption from

“S. Jackson Memorial Lottery”

Form GHG-2016


 (Note that exemptions may be full or partial, solely at the discretion of Gaian Climate Systems)
SECTION 1- Humor Exemption 2016:  Please read the instructions carefully.  Note that those filing for a Humor Exemption must still fill out Section 2. Our theme this year  is  “The 100-year Storm”

A) Instructions: Applying for a Humor Exemption 2016

May 232016

The Royal Society of London…

  • Had its first ‘learned society’ meeting in 1660
  • From 1663 on it would be known as The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge
  • Published Newton’s Principia Mathematica and Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment demonstrating the electrical nature of lightning
  • Backed James Cook’s journey to Tahiti, reaching Australia and New Zealand, to track the Transit of Venus
  • Published the first report in English of inoculation against disease

How About Brutal Hailstorms in Texas?


Hail, in Wylie, Texas pierced the roofing of homes and came to rest in residential spaces.
The hail broke through shingles, their underlayment, the OSB sheathing (like plywood), traversed the attic, shattered the ceiling board and came to rest in places like living rooms.
Estimates of damaging hailstone size indicate baseball to softball-sized hail.
You might reconsider your options for protecting your solar panels, your roof, and yourself.
No single event can be tied to anthropogenic forcing of the radiative balance?

In a way…These hailstone events will multiply, intensify, and foster new storm challenges.


(And Investors Business Daily)


To wit:

Editorial: Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare


…While the global warming alarmists have done a good job of spreading fright, they haven’t been so good at hiding their real motivation. Yet another one has slipped up and revealed the catalyst driving the climate scare.



…Let’s deal with

anthropogenic forcing of the radiative balance

to make it  (climate change) a little less miserable.

1) Extinction is a possibility. Reduce GHG emissions as if your life and the lives of your children depend on those reductions. That means swift, proactive action by citizens, our corporate citizens, politicians, and utilities to force cuts in our output of carbon dioxide (CO2). We must reduce our overall output of GHGs–to net zero. Net zero means we emit no more GHGs in a year than the planet can absorb in that same year.

Feb 242016



The new climate regime and its vast impact on economics have finally received a seat at the big table. Wise corporate boardrooms are in the process of fostering a transition from carbon-based processes to profitable, renewable-based processes integrating environmental assets and levers.


A Layperson’s Opinion–

Somehow,  failure has become a guiding principle for our corporate society. Does that foreshadow a day when corporate stupidity might therefore become a defensible legal argument?

Consider this. Instead of facing challenges head on, like climate change, racism, unemployment, or corporate corruption we see unfiltered information evoking media blasts declaring how journalists, scientists, and others are creating a climate of fear, selling out for funding, or spinning the truth to meet a researcher’s own objectives. Insofar as climate change (anthropogenic forcing of the radiative balance), we often read:


Climate Change Economics – 201 (<–mythical university class)

Dr. NWO  — Winter 2015 (<—ditto)

A Visionary:  (<—joke)

E. Scrooge, a man ahead of his time  (<—satirical comment)


When confronted on the topics of…The poor and destitute…The hundreds of thousands who may suffer from common comforts…E. Scrooge responded over and over, “Aren’t there enough prisons? Are the work houses in operation? The treadmills? The poor houses, still in full vigor?…I cannot afford to make idle people merry. My taxes help support the public institutions which I have mentioned and my taxes cost enough…”

Dec 132015


“Hello, this is World Leaders Plumbing, a proud new addition to the Corruption Inc., family of companies. You’re talking to Dolly in customer service. Whom am I speaking with?”

“Hi, this is Ms. Gaia. I have overflowing sinks and…”

“Is this Gabriela Gaia? The one who called the COPS on us?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Dec 032015

From: I. M. Equities, CEO, WeSpin  Systems Inc.

To: All Contractors, Maintenance Division

Subject: Chennai, India

Date: December 3, 2015

Internal Memo


Chennai, India–population 4.6 million and capital of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

“Equities Inc., Looters As Rand, and the Fossil Fuels Cartel welcome you to another round table on climate change. Please take a seat.”


A portly figure enters the stage from the right. He sports a dark blue suit, white shirt with a red, white, and blue striped tie. “Good morning, my name is Jones. I am the Chief Executive Officer of EI. As is the custom in all of the EI&FFC briefings, dissension, disagreement, and difficult questions will not be tolerated. Attendance in our briefings is a privilege. Treat it as such.”


This is it!

“Step right up to the greatest show on Earth. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the world famous Climate Big Top is coming soon to your town.

“This year, the global greenhouse is bigger and better than last year. More Thrills. More Chills. More Chaos. More Corruption. See fires burn. Watch interstates buckle; bridges wash away–storms tearing up entire towns–seas rising into cities. Ignore the floods. Say good-bye to memories of places like Miami, Cape Cod, the Maldives, Venice, Washington DC, Hong Kong, NYC, Saaan Francisco, and Houston.

Sep 282015

“World War Not” 


(If media had reported on World War II, the way they report Anthropogenic Forcing of the Radiative Balance)


To Wit:

December 7, 1941:

…Sketchy reports have come in about ships taking on water in Pearl Harbor. Experts at CNS (Cartel News Service) say it is common for ships to take on water during storms and there are large pumps in the ships that handle such events. Let’s talk with an expert from the Enterprise Institute about pumps…”



Some say the current weather we are experiencing in the western US is not indicative of a trend fostered by anthropogenic forcing of the radiative balance, but rather El Nino–warmer sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

Large-scale weather events like warmer sea surface temperatures (like El Nino), affect dependent weather (sub) systems like drought, or rain storms, or beautiful August nights. Systems like ENSO (El Nino), the AO, the PDO, or the NAO have sway over smaller weather events.


Maybe we just post without using a spell checker? ;)

To wit:

It is an interesting question: If you were alive and were granted access to Adolph Hitler, or other significant leaders of the Nazi Party in 1930 what might you have done?

In the past, many would answer “Violence!” Or anything to stop the scourge of Fascism and the horrific change it had on the world, killing millions, wounding billions, and obliterating civilization in parts of the world for a decade.


Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 1989 Jan-Apr;18(1-2):291-306.

Jun 172015

Years ago, I saw a film called The Four Feathers. A story of English society, it features heroism in the face of class pressure. In many ways, The Four Feathers is the analogue for my series of books,The Galileo Syndrome,” “The Fires of Home,” “The Dirties,” and “Hobo Signs.” As the planet’s retort to our negligent forcing of the radiative balance comes clear, the four phases of an energized climate will be presented to us in ways we cannot ignore. Like The Four Feathers, we will cope with the four phases coming at us because we have no choice. Lastly, like The Four Feathers, courage will emerge in ways we can hardly imagine.



A recent spate of news attention regarding climate focuses on “radiation management.” Without mentioning why “radiation management” matters, declaring only a need for “radiation management,” a form of geo-engineering, to deal with “global warming.” The inability of major news organizations to convey why they believe “radiation management” is important–other than to say we need it because we cannot control our CO2 output–is shameful. Why would an editor not ask, “Why control the energy our atmosphere allows out into space?” Regardless, the media has begun chanting a tune. That tune tells us to rebalance the heat energy radiating from the planet into space without explaining why that matters to us.


It is now clear that the Catholic Church and its leader the Pope will stand firm on the issue of climate, declaring human forcing of the radiative balance a clear and present danger to humanity–on many levels. Normally, Climatebull provides satire, humor, or pointed commentary about the callous, sometimes nefarious nature of certain large institutions, as well as their stance on the climate. In some of my writings, the subject can be somber. In this essay, there is none of the above. We have a story from my younger days.


(No Joke)

In that war of words over the changing climate, sparks have erupted between California and Florida. While lobbyists in Florida demand disuse of words like wet, flooding, excess water, global warming, snakes, and sea level rise. Lobbyists in California seek more use of words like wet, flooding, excess water, global warming, and a lessening of words like desert, drought, overhyped, geo-engineering, and stupid. At the same time, the opening of the tornado season in Oklahoma has prompted an effort to disallow words like rain, tornado, huge-ass-hail, and storms–putting Oklahoma and Florida lobbyists at odds with California lobbyists. Parties in Alaska appear to be seeking a ban on the word mud while sources in Colorado are considering a ban on the words forest, beetles, and fires–with an uptick on words like water and hey dude. (This is a joke.)

Mar 092015

Marionettes  –  By A. Quixote

There is a particular charm that comes over the marionette enthusiast after making his or her first small figure come alive. Such a curious and charming little creature is the marionette. People of all ages and backgrounds have been drawn to his spell for years. Besides the construction of the puppets, a process known to be time consuming and potentially expensive, the actually manipulation of the puppet is where the real skill–and the interest–lies. After successfully controlling one of these little figures, one quickly finds it difficult not to look forward to their next bout of lighthearted play. The diligent puppeteer will find unlimited avenues for his or her marionettes, and not only for entertainment, but as a profitable enterprise as well!


Pardon My French

Too often, interests have neutered the term tipping point by connecting it to irrelevant events, as if it were a game changing play in a football game. Less often, the tipping point is used in a more rational format, coupling the evidence of its onset–before the climate goes catawampus. After all, once the tipping point fully engages, clarity is pointless.


ABW: Commercial Advertisement One – 3D Printing

(Lester, this is for your review–Bess Valentine)



“American Buggy Whip – The Future Is Now!”

(Pan over a lush green farm field at dawn. A farmer hitches his horse to a wooden wagon, an open buggy. He faces the camera. Deep lines score his tanned face. The blue eyes are bright, friendly, and clear. He tips his straw-hat hello.)




“Hello, my name is Gabriela Gaia…”

“Hello, Ms. Gaia, this is John, from Corruption Inc. How can I help you?”

“Yes, well…”

“Before we start, I am required to tell you this call may be monitored or recorded for training purposes, litigation, or customer intimidation. Is that okay with you?”

“I expected nothing less. I am calling about the rain, in South America.”

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